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Dear Customers,

Chebib textile has been manufacturing in the textile sector since 1960 and is a reliable and well-established company experienced in textile field.

The Chebib family is a group of diverse business chains in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Basically, our company is working under a General Manager who is a son of the Chebib Family :

Yahya Chebib

As the Chebib family, we moved our facilities to our new address because of the terrible conditions that took place in Syria.

The Chebib Textile conducts business in the textile industry.

The Chebib Group serves in three sectors:

The Chebib Company for Textile provide service in the field of textile industries.

The Chebib Company for Printing provide service in the field of garment printing and fabric printing.

The Chebib Company for Real-Estate provides real estate and real estate services.

A brief description of the above operations:

The textile industry is a complete process that starts with yarns and end up with fully ready garments and fabrics as well. These operations are based on knitting, dyeing, finishing, cutting, sewing and packing.

We also run production lines as exporters and subcontracting to very well known companies in Europe such as Engelbert-Strauss, Frankie Garage, Alpha Industries and others We have pre-supplied companies such as, Puma AG, C&A, Tchibo, Palco-Schiesser and a lot other.

We export our products to countries such as Germany, Italy, Russia and Canada.

The printing house process is a complete print house for textile prints on ready garments and fabrics as well. We use the best substances and auxiliaries such as water-base, reactive dyes.

The real-estate company is a construction process based on (lease, rent and selling)

For further details, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

Chebib Textile

The Syrian textile company is a complete chain that starts with yarns and end-up in fully ready garments. The vertical operation is based on knitting, dyeing, finishing, cutting, sewing and packing.

The K. Marash Company is based on running production lines that consist of the follows:

Design pattern

Laboratory tests

Quality control AQL 5.0 & 2.5,




Chebib Printing

Chebib Printing

Chebib Real-Estate

It’s a company located in Dubai

More investments to come:

Knitting Mill

Dye House